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Dr. Trevor Sayers: Spiritual guidance to holistic health. Natural herbal medicine (Since 2005) Contact: (868)-758-4430                                                                  

Vice President : Contemporary Services                                Catherine Williams                                                                 Location: 406 Union Ave,                                                     Mt. Vernon, NY 10550                                                   Contact Information: (718)-801-4581

Grace Asquith CEO & Founder: Gracies Creative Hut       Atlanta, GA                                              

Anne-Marie Conlan CEO & Founder:                  Bereavement Center of Westchester                                670 White Plains Road                                              Scarsdale, NY 10583                                                     Contact Information: (914)-787-1317 Ext. 1317

Dr Kathryn Kehoe-Biggs                                              Director of Volunteer Training Program At The Bereavement Center of Westchester Scardale, New York   

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We work with the “not so advanced” students to transform a "C" Grade into an "A" Grade.                                            We Prep School-Age through 12th Grade, Colleges candidates and others in surrounding communities,            We prep individuals for successful job change                      We do Individual Counseling.                                              We do Group Counseling                                              Bereavement and Grief Counseling.                            Building Relationships and marriage counseling    Conducts workshops for college application process Resume writing, letters of recommendation                          Prep post-graduate for competition in real time.              We do referrals for individuals in need of specialized services.