Mrs. Crosby is the CEO and founder of Contemporary Services. A member of the American Counselors Association, An Self Employment Assistant Program and takes part in the SCORE mentors organization. She was a former Social Service Supervisor and Case Manager at Urban Pathways, Bronx, NY. She held various positions during her life. She worked as  Patient Care Assistant at Westchester Medical center, Estate Management in the Household Department and Responsible to Goldman and Sacks and supervised by Eric & Sarah Lane. Mrs. Crosby has proven ability to build confidence in people. She takes the not so advanced individuals coach them and bring out the best in them! Using her expertise she wants to work with the "not so advanced" individuals, transforming their "C' Grade into "A" Grade.

How We Begin: 

By being Open 

Being Honest and Not Afraid
We Care to Listen to Your Story
We Value Your Feelings, Beliefs and Culture. You will be Heard

Counselor's Education & Role

Highly skilled communicator who develops a comfortable rapport with people and works well independently and collaboratively with all members in the circle of team.

Trauma- Informed Certification - Urban Pathways: 10/12/2019                                                               Cultural Diversity - Urban Pathways: 9/17/2019                                                 Public School Teacher Certification Provisional                                          Renewal Expiration: 5/13/2015 - 8/31/2020                                                MS Degree in Guidance Counseling - College of New Rochelle Rochelle - Advanced Courses in Mental Health with Practicum - College of New Rochelle New Rochelle, New York 2005 - 2009.                                BA Degree In Psychology - College Of New Rochelle - School Of New Resources - 2002-2005. 

Public School Counselor Roles                                                                              Knowledgeable of New York State's new learning standards and new State Assessment System and Curriculum Instruction.                                                            High School Counselor Intern - Saunders Trades and Technical High School (Since 2007)                                                                                                                Provided individual and group counseling for 18 children. We provide resources and referrals for students and their families. We engage students in their academic pursuits, reviewed transcripts, adjusts schedules and integrate programs to assist students.        Conducts workshops for "Pre" and "Post" K-12th Grade preparation. Prepares High School Graduates with college application process and educate them concerning their letters of recommendation. Replicate strategies for effectiveness.
True Care Day Care - (Since 2003).                                                                        Motivates preschoolers, school aged children and other recipients with positive affirmations to maintain a good attitude toward learning, for full attention, maximum effort and a successful outcome.                                       
Volunteering Community                                                                                                Lending a helping hand, as volunteer in our community, we are mentors to those in need. We are building strong relationships between children and adults alike. Making sure that a child will have a trusting adult, other than parents, to turn to when they need one. As it is said " It takes a village to raise a child!